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ProfileThe current Industry practice prevailing when working with Buyers of Real Estate is based on a “commission model” as compared to our Model which is based not on commissions but on a professional “fee model.”

We are not salespeople – we are not selling anything. We offer a profession acquisition service to the discerning real estate buyer – whether that Buyer is acquiring a home, income producing property, development land or even a business. In almost all cases the Seller pays our stated Fee - and any excess is rebated to our Client.

My determination after 40 years of being in business - The way people buy property is like living in the cranking up the car era. The Industry suffers what I call “paradigm paralysis” - the inability to see beyond the current models of thinking.

      More likely than not Buyers will not be fully represented nor represented at all.
      More likely than not Buyers will pay will too much for their investment.
      More likely than not Buyers will end up paying far too much money for Broker services.
      More likely than not Buyers will unknowingly settle for mediocre professional competence.

Conclusion: Choose your Real Estate Professional carefully.

What is a Fiduciary Relationship ?